Friday, December 9, 2016

Denise Sanders' Whitledge/Burgess kitchen

I had the pleasure of building this fabulous kitchen designed by Ray Whitledge and Scott Burgess. What a lucky girl I am!

I added the Diet coke can because I posted this on Facebook and people thought I had re-done my real kitchen! A true tribute to Ray and Scott's designs!!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Log Cabin in Miniature

Here are some pics of a log cabin I built, it was a kit by Debbie Young from Young at Heart.  It is called Jock's Cabin. The cabin is in quarter inch scale.

Left side of house, looks as if they washed all of their quilts today.

Right side of house, Dad made the cart so gathering wood is easier.


Dining room on, bottom left.

Great room, bottom center.

kitchen, bottom right.

Master bedroom, upstairs left.

Game room, upstairs center.

Kids room, upstairs right.

Boulangerie in Miniature

Here is my little 1" scale Boulangerie.

I made all of the bread out of Fimo. My good friend Moonyeen taught me how to use chalks to color just right.

The bicycle is just a cheap red one I purchased on ebay,  I painted it and aged it a bit. I also made the sign and the little basket. The flowers were made out of paper from a tutorial fount on youtube.

I printed the sign of the internet and reduced it in size.

The stone in the front was made out of paper clay. I learned the technique from a Rik Pierce class.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Airstream Cruiser 1952


Well, we have another confession to make. Mark was a little bored, since we are almost done with the Safari, so he asked me to look for another project and of course I found him one. A 1952 Airstream cruiser! Each time we get an Airstream it is longer and older than the one before it -go figure! We bought her sight unseen and had her shipped here from Kansas! Here she is getting unloaded:

  Our driveway is actually a bridge going over a creek-so here she is getting backed in.

 And here she will sit for a while-a long while-LOL

Here is a shot of the roof-tar anyone ??? Love the thirteen panels!!

Mark's recreations to the amount of work it will need!!!

Wanna see the lovely inside ?? Here we go !

Lovely curtains, don't you think??

Here is what used to be the bedroom!!

Here is the galley!!

Check out the gorgeous camouflage shag carpet !! The best part for me is the stove and fridge !!I LOVE them!!

So, within 24 hours of getting it Mark has gutted most of it!

We found dead mice and spent shell casings!!  Here are the innards!

Stay tuned for the rest of the story !!

Have you ever seen a "naked" Airstream '52 Cruiser ?

The Rivet Master hard at work!! Had to add the 2x4's for stability because the floor is softer then a baby's butt!!!

Finally the rivets are out and it's time to lift her up.

We had to take a lot of pics because we have never done this before and it is very exciting!

Poor baby-she's just a shell of her former self!

Check out the floor! I would say it may need a bit of work!

Interesting-look at this C-chanel-it is straight and long in the straight parts but around the corners instead of putting in one sold piece that bends around the corners they used individual pieces
and staggered them several inches apart.

Also, a PO put in a pice of plywood but it isn't resting on the C channel at all.

 Here is the hardworking crew. This is the carpenter, engineer, plumber, electrician and foreman.

 This is the designer, purchaser, parts finder, researcher and general gofer.

Sparks are flying at our house!! Mark is making repairs on the trailer frame as well as installing new steps!

The frame was too heavy to lift so we built a pulley system so we could turn it.

There is a wee bit of tar on the roof!!

Back to the trailer! Mark built a trailer rotisserie!

Painting the frame

New axle.

The casings for the black and grey water tanks.

Casing are in !