Sunday, October 19, 2014

Log Cabin in Miniature

Here are some pics of a log cabin I built, it was a kit by Debbie Young from Young at Heart.  It is called Jock's Cabin. The cabin is in quarter inch scale.

Left side of house, looks as if they washed all of their quilts today.

Right side of house, Dad made the cart so gathering wood is easier.


Dining room on, bottom left.

Great room, bottom center.

kitchen, bottom right.

Master bedroom, upstairs left.

Game room, upstairs center.

Kids room, upstairs right.


  1. Wonderful job! I made this kit and know how challenging it is~but one of my favorites.

  2. Thanks Lee! I agree! A year after Debbie ran the first batch of kits, she had to run more because it was so popular!! It is one of my favorites also! so cute!!

  3. It's adorable Denise and so much tiny detail! I love Robin Betterley's Woodsy furniture pieces, and they suit this cabin perfectly.